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Looking for professional dog grooming equipment and supplies ? 

Look no further than Technogroom, one of the UK's oldest and most reliable suppliers.

Our affordably priced products are perfect for professional groomers, show exhibitors, and pet owners alike.

As the UK's only Laube Approved Service Centre, we offer genuine Laube parts and a Laube-trained technician for quality assurance. 

Our knowledge of Laube Grooming Clippers is second to none. 

We also provide supplies to the UK's top grooming salons, racing stables, and veterinary surgeons with only the best quality products, service,

 and advice that their professions demand. Trust Technogroom for all your dog grooming needs.

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We recommend Blade Majik to clean and lubricate. T...

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What causes my blade to pop off when used in heavy hair?

Most probably it is the latch which is the cause o...

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