Best From The U.S.

Best from the US

At Technogroom we strive to bring you the best dog grooming products available from suppliers worldwide. Many of these are located in the USA, home of Laube/Kelco, Davis, Best Shot, Absorbine, Resco, Pro Guard and Zoni Pet. We buy these products in bulk and have regular shipments coming into our warehouse.

Our most sought after of these products tend to be Laube Mini-Micro Clippers and the Kelco Plum White Shampoo. Both of these products are groomers favourites and we have heard many stories of dog groomers trying other brands and returning to both of these.

Highlights from other manufacturers are:

    Davis Quick Dry Shampoo and Spray (especially with mobile dog groomers)
    Best Shot Ultramax range
    Absorbine Show Sheen (a widely known product in the UK horse grooming market)
    Resco #80 series combs
    Pro Guard Softie Muzzles
    Zoni Pets Happy Hoodies

For dog grooming supplies from the US in the UK check out our full range

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