Aeolus Grooming Hammock

Aeolus Grooming Hammock

Aeolus Grooming Hammock

Aeolus Grooming Hammock - the helping hand a groomer needs for wriggling dogs!  This heavy duty fabric hammock measures 22 in x 16 in, and works in conjunction with an H-frame to help a groomer with dogs who don't like getting their nails clipped.  The dog is cradled by the hammock and they learn to relax within it.  It is suitable for most small to medium pets up to 30 lbs (13.6kg).  The unique zipper panel allows the user to adjust the width of the hammock to make a better fit for different shaped dogs.  To use, lay the hammock on the table and place the dog's feet into the leg holes.  Pull up around the dog, and wrap around.  Use the S hooks to hang.  Never elevate the dogs feet more than a couple inches off the table.
Groomers have experienced the occasional dog who just won't stand still for the nail clip, which can be dangerous for the dog and groomer.  A dog which can be cradled in a hammock will learn to relax - so this hammock really is like an extra set of hands!
Made from sturdy fabric, this hammock is uniquely made with an adjustable zippered panel to allow for a more comfortable fit.  Two strong adjustable bands are also included for a more adapted height.
• Made from sturdy, washable fabric
• Adjustable straps for better height adaptation
• Width/fit adjustment with unique zippered panel
• Holds up to 30lb / 13.6 kg
• Fits more small and medium pets


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