Mikki Ball Pin Slicker Brush

Mikki Ball Pin Slicker Brush (MASTER)

Mikki Ball Pin Slicker Brush

The Mikki Ball Pin Slicker Brush has plastic tips on the pins to prevent brush burns on animals during grooming. This brush is designed to provide a comfortable grooming experience for both the groomer and the dog. With air cushion-mounted pins and an ergonomic, flexible head, it reduces the risk of brush burn and helps remove tangles, mats, and loose, dead undercoat. This brush is especially helpful for dogs with sensitive skin or those prone to tangles and mats. It's a must-have for professional groomers and pet owners who want to ensure a safe and comfortable grooming experience for their dogs. The stainless steel pins are specially designed to tease out tangles and mats and to remove loose and dead hear from the undercoat. reduces the risk of brush burn air cushion-mounted pins ergonomic, flexible head helps remove tangles, mats and loose, dead undercoat

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sharon moar

I use this slicker ALL the time! Dogs seem to tolerate it really well as its not so harsh as other slickers out there. Sometimes if the dog has a really thick coat or its thick & a bit knotty then I may have to change over to a firmer slicker, but 98% of the time I use this slicker. You can definitely tell that the dogs don't like being brushed with the other slickers when I have to change over.

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