Doodles Single Thinners 6.5" / 16.5cm


Doodles Single Thinners 6.5" / 16.5cm

Perfect for small tidy-ups to keep your Doodle looking cute, clean & comfortable.

Use: - To thin the coat & blend for a more forgiving cut and finish. - For best results, use the Doodles Comb to softly remove the cut hair from the area.

Reliable Quality: - Sharp & durable semi-convex blade with v-shaped teeth to better grip the hair. - The high quality smooth tension screw is easy to use to ensure the correct blade tightness.

Comfort & Control: - Made with blunted tips and finger rest for extra safety. - The handle includes a rubber stop to prevent blades from catching or locking.

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Key Features:

    Ideal for trimming & tiding crossbreeds such as Cockapoos, Labradoodles, Cavapoos, Golden Doodles to name a few. The Mikki Doodle Thinner Scissor is perfect for thinning the coat and blending it for a more forgiving cut and finish. The scissors, also known as blenders, blending scissors or blending shears, have long blades that are best used for a full body cut to keep your Doodle looking cute, clean & comfortable. Thinners are used to remove and thin the coat in bulk whilst helping blend the coat from a clipper cut. Chunkers are used to thin the coat and help provide a more natural finish by erasing harsh scissor marks without messing the blend. Made with sharp & durable semi-convex blades ensures a clean and smooth cut with v-shaped teeth to help grip the hair. Semi-convex blades are a mix of both convex and beveled blades making these scissors ideal for novice and aspiring groomers. Whilst beveled blades are slightly blunted, convex blades are sharper than most - therefore a semi-convex blade provides a sharp edge to allow control and precision but safety for a learning first-time groomer. The simple and smooth tension screw makes it easy to adjust the blades tension for the smoothest cut. Use with the Mikki Doodle Comb to brush away any loose hair. It is important to take time during this process to ensure your dog is happy & comfortable. Be confident when you groom to try and get the style you are after. Remember, it will always grow back!


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