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Mikki Hard Pin Slicker Small
Mikki Hard Pin Slicker Small
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Aeolus Mini Cage Blower
Aeolus Mini Cage Blower
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5 Tips to keep your equipment in shape

Your equipment is an essential part of your business, it really does pay to look after it and also to have, or at least have a plan for use of a backup should your equipment breakdown. This would be the worst case, however, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your equipment lasts as long as  possible.

  1. Ensure your equipment is regularly serviced. We would recommend a yearly service for both clippers and dryers. For equipment in very heavy use a half yearly service may be required.

  2. Clippers. When oiling/washing blades while on the clipper, be very careful to ensure that the fluid is not allowed to run inside the clipper. This is one of the most common causes of clippers running hot or becoming noisy and can lead to the motor requiring replacement, which is probably the most expensive repair.

  3. Dryers. Ensure that filters are regularly cleaned. These can normally be removed and blasted clean and some can be rinsed out. If washing, ensure that the filter is completely dry before refitting. This task should be done at least weekly.

  4. Brushes, both clippers and Dryers use carbon brushes to provide electricity to the motor armature. These are designed to wear down as the motor turns in order to allow a constant contact. On some models these can be checked by the user, alternatively, this is a check carried out as part of a service. If allowed to wear completely the metal parts can scratch the motor armature, again requiring a new motor to be fitted.

  5. Blades, keep your blades in top condition by ensuring that they are stored correctly. The Laube Blade Wash Caddy used along with Blade Majik is our recommended way of storing your blades.