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Technogroom Newsletter May 2011

Grooming Forum

Many of you already actively use our grooming forum, The Groomer Mill, with many more lurking away reading the posts.  With the website changes the forum is no longer part of the Technogroom website and now has its own web address at Apart from the change in location, the forum is just the same with all of the chat, tips and gossip available. For those that have either never posted or never visited the forum, please have a look and get involved, if you have a question, most likely another groomer will be happy to help, if you can help it is a great way of networking. As well as just business, the occasional humorous post does appear.

Current Active Topics on the groomer mill are:
gloss paint!!!!!!!!
Random and Mundane facts about your day.
Best hand-held dryer?

New Products
Deluxe Fiberglass Dog Bath Tub with Electric Lifting Base, Water Heater and Booster Pump

  • Blue LED lights in the base of the bath in a paw shaped pattern.

Deluxe features:

  • Patented rapid heater built in, heats water up in 3 seconds. You do not need to preheat water anymore, save  power
  • Highly efficient booster pump, pressurises water to penetrate into the undercoat aiding deep cleaning and gently massages the skin.
High Class Stainless Steel Dog Bath

The Aeolus Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath is one of the best baths on the market.


  • Made from 2mm thick SUS304 Stainless Steel
  • Smart assembly design with easy assemble splash back.
  • Swing out steps for ease of access for large breeds and saving vital space.
  • Super stable supporting structure with over 225kg (500lb) load capacity
  • Plastic floor grid
  • Also come with stainless steel hair strainer for quick drain clearing.

Large S/S Folding Grooming Table

This great table comes with the option of three coloured tops to chose Large S/S Folding Grooming Table from. Pink, Lavender and Blue.
Non-slip rubber matting grooming table top, Stainless steel 32mm tubular legs. The grooming table comes complete with deluxe stainless steel adjustable grooming arm and deluxe extra strong noose. Large 120cm x 60cm x 66cm tabletop


We have introduced a new special offer on our Technogroom SCS2-2400 Blaster Dryer and have reduced the price on our remaining stock of our Technogroom SCN-105 Electric Lift Dog Grooming Table

Technogroom SCS2-2400 Blaster Dryer

Technogroom SCS2-2400 Blaster Dryer

The Technogroom SCS2-2400 has a solid plastic housing and cascade type motor.

  • Variable air flow up to 48M/second
  • 3 Heat settings Off/Med/High (up to 55oC)
  • Up to 2200W


  • 3 blasting nozzles
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Free Shipping

Was £154.20 now £123

Technogroom SCN-105 Electric Lift Dog Grooming Table

Technogroom SCN-105 Electric Lift Dog Grooming Table

The Technogroom SCN-105 electric lifting grooming table has a 78cm Diameter Round top. It has a  foot switch control to operate the lift mechanism, which means that it can be operated easily. The adjustable screws on the feet, allowing the table to stand stably, even on slightly uneven surfaces.

Features:76cm Diameter High Contrast Blue top (not Green as pictured)

  • Lifts easily from 50cm to 90cm using foot control
  • Grooming arm and two grooming nooses included
  • Free Shipping

Was £358.80/£299/Now £216

For more information, please visit this articles web page.