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Technogroom Newsletter April 2011

Website Update

We have been busy updating the systems our website runs on, the majority of which is now complete. As part of the update we have changed the layout from a list to a grid, which should allow easier viewing of the products. At present we are working through updating pictures and descriptions to allow you a better view of the products. Hope you like these change.

This update will allow us to easier alter/implement new features, such as alternative payment methods and improved shipping options. We are currently investigating what options are most viable in these areas.

I have had trouble issuing this months Newsletter, which is why it is in this new format, if you did receive our Newsletter on Sunday, sorry for the duplication and hope you like the new format.

If you have any comments or feedback it would be great to hear from you at

Blade Maintenance

Poor blade maintenance can have devastating effects on the clipper. A tight blade is the main culprit, usually from lack of oil & lanolin from dog’s coats forming a varnish, sticking the blade together. This causes problems on every make of clipper. On Andis it wears the nylon drive & can cause the drive cam to snap off, on Oster it wears the drive & drive gearing & causes the clipper to heat very quickly. On Moser & Wahl it also wears the drive & the plastic cams. On Laube it causes the pivot bearing to spin inside the bottom part of the drive lever wearing out a circle & causing the clipper blade to snag badly (it is often found when this cools it will cut again for a short time) It puts strain on the motor & shortens the life of EVERY MAKE. With every clipper you get a different fault all caused by the same thing… Tight blades … Or forcing the blade though the coat faster than the clipper can cut, jamming in very matted coat & so on, anything which causes excessive strain on the drive.

The Cure

Keep blades clean & well oiled regularly clean the hair out the blade with a small brush, clean hair from the clipper head around & between the hinge. Take your time when going through matted or thick coat, do not force the blade through, let it go at its own pace…. You will get there faster in the long run. Where possible clip clean coat.

Other New Products

Softie Muzzle Set of 6
Softie Muzzle
Made from patented Dupont fabric which is exceptionally resistant to abrasions, punctures and tears. Almost impossible for pets to pull off. This is an easy wash and wear product. Set of 6 £29.95

Bathing Apron Easy Cover-Up

Bathing Easy Cover Up
Constructed of tough, durable, but flexible material, this apron has unusual resistance to scratching or tearing from pet's nails. Has high tensile strength and greater resistance to abrasion than rubber. Comfortably cut and lightweight, it can be worn with ease for hours.

Davis Products

We have recently taken delivery of a new shipment of Davis products. This brings our entire range of Davis back into stock. A few of these products have been out of stock for some time. Products now back in stock are:

Davis Quickdry Shampoo

Quick Dry Shampoo
A favorite of groomers, especially mobile groomers, this shampoo saves lots of valuable time.Its special surfactant breaks the water tension so drying is accomplished quickly too. In no time at all, pets are clean, dry and ready to return to their owners with full, shiny coats. Adding a few ounces of Davis Quick-Dry Shampoo to any other Davis shampoo will also help speed up the drying process. 355ml £5.40,  3.8l £24.60

Davis Dental Wipes

Davis Dental Wipes
Promote good dental hygiene during grooming sessions by cleaning teeth and gums with these soft, moist sheets. Soaked in a mild, safe solution of Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Baking Soda and Peppermint, the wipes help reduce tooth and gum disease by removing accumulated plaque and mild tarter. £7.80


For more information, please visit this articles web page.