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LIPS Hammock

by Janet Gilson Date Added: Sunday 12 May, 2013
I cried with happiness when I tried my sling for the first time. One of our doggies is a rescue Chihuahua, we have had her 5 years, and for 2 years before that she was kept in a pet carrier 24/7, being let out for only 5 minutes at a time once or twice a day. She had never been to the vets, never had vaccinations, and never had her toenails clipped. She was kept like a criminal by a horrible owner. As you can imagine, her toenails were curled around into her skin and we had to get the vet to chop them back in the first instance. The quicks had grown so long over the first two years that we are unable to cut them back too much and they have to remain quite long. But when it comes round to clipping them again, she has severe anxiety at having her toenails clipped. The vet has never come across a doggie with such fear of having her toenails clipped, not even the nurse and vet can hold her, and she has to be aneasthatised, or sedated. The vet gave us sedation medication to take home and give to her each time she has them clipped, but even then, it is still a dificult job and we are convinced that one day she is going to have a heart attack just from having her toenails clipped. Then, I came across the sling, I had my doubts, as she is so truamatised about having her feet touched, but it truly does work. She allowed me to pop her into the sling, quite easily, I lifted it up and she just sat there, suspended in mid air, quite effortlessly, and calmly, and then I started to touch her feet. She winced, but she did not become anxious. Within 5 minutes I had clipped all her toenails, shorter than I could possibly have done ever before, and she sat quite happily in the sling the whole time. I shouted on my partner to come and witness the miracle. I was so happy for her that I cried... This sling is worth its' weight in gold and is going to prevent all the anxiety that she has suffered over the years, and it also means that we do not have to sedate her anymore, or have a general aneasthetic, which also reduces risks on her life. Thank you so much Lips for a perfect solution . I couldn;t be happier if I tried...

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