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Bichon Frise Master Class DVD by Zoe Duffy  



The Bichon Frise Show Trim has changed quite dramatically over the years, and so as a groomer and/or exhibitor it is vital to keep up with the latest style to remain in the forefront of the profession and breed. Zoe Duffy also demonstrates the pet trim, one that is common place at any busy salon, a quicker, shorter version that looks as attractive as the 'show' offs!!

Zoe is an experienced lecturer and demonstrator and this shows in her expertise in this Master Class guiding you to the perfect Bichon Frise.

Two very different styling techniques, but one very similar outcome! Of course, every single hair on the Bichon Frise should be scissored to perfection -if you intend entering the show ring and that's exactly what Zoe demonstrates on the first of her two beautiful models.

1. The Show Bichon Frise

Either sit or watch Zoe actually creating something that isn't there or trim your Bichon along side Zoe, pausing the Master Class whenever you wish.

Here Zoe recommends a strict routine while shaping and styling in order to achieve the correct balance and full potential of the dog.

Watch our Master with her Cruft's winner, 'Rus' demonstrate the whole grooming process of this Show stopping Dog!

Importance of brushing the coat prior to bathing to prevent the knots from 'locking'.
Bathing- including discussion on correct products, staining and diet.
Blow drying- creating the '..plush, fluff-dried coat..', highlighting important areas, following a routine.
Clippering certain areas- YES this is OK!! Blade nos. shown on screen for various clipper models.
Zoe explains the importance of 'scissor technique' and how it all begins at your feet!
Shaping and styling- Zoe shares her own successful routine with us, demonstrating how she creates all the curves and angles in all the correct places!
The old-fashioned 'bell-shaped' head is out, and here the new 'tight-circled' head on the well sculptured neck and body is formed.
Accepting that 'snow- blindness' can occur, Zoe adds that final beautiful velvet look to the coat, with her 'scissor finish'.


2. The Pet Bichon Frise

Clipping the pet Bichon- YES CLIPPING! And NO, she does NOT look like a Poodle!!

A quicker and lower maintenance trim, for the pet or retired show Bichon.
There is still a lot of skilled work to perfect and correct shaping to achieve, but the body hair is mechanically removed instead of scissored.
Don't be afraid to do this- IT ISN'T A CRIME TO CLIP!!!!!!!!!!!! Blend and shape to achieve an attractive looking Bichon in a fraction of the time!
Ideal for busy pet owners and busy salons alike.

Within this DVD, we meet and enjoy poetry form the well-known author Joan Briggs and gain an insight into her wonderful Bichon Frise books. We hear of the wonderful work of the Bichon Frise Rescue and listen to both sad and funny stories.

The history of the breed and of course the origin of this wonderful hairstyle is revealed.

Interaction between the Master and the presenter, fun and funky music along with various effects throughout ensures that this is definitely not just a boring grooming lecture!

Total Running Time: 152 mins. DVD, exempt from classification.

Formats: PAL or NTSC, DVD-R

Language: English

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