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Adjusting blades to fit clippers

If you turn the blade-set over, you will see little 'ears' on the socket. The socket is attached to the comb part of the blade-set by the two screws that go through the comb. The comb should never move when the clipper is turned on. If the little “ears” are fitted properly, the comb will not "wiggle" or move from side to side. If the comb moves, even slightly, it will chatter, leave rows, pull hair, and bog down the blades. The 'ears' should fit snugly over the hinge assembly on the Laube (same hinge all models since 1999) (A5) (AG) (AGC) (AGR) Thrive Wahl or Conair clippers.

The hinge assembly part will differ slightly between companies. This difference will result in the blade-set not fitting well. Because of this, some groomers swear that one brand of clipper is superior to another, when the problem is actually the blade adjustment. This is why the blade-set should be adjusted to fit each clipper. Some service centres may also fit a hinge which is not for that specific machine, fitting a Moser Hinge on a Laube for instance causes all sorts of problems, this was common practice with many service centres, especially in the UK, giving that particular clipper an undeserved bad press. It is therefore important to have the manufacturer's specified components fitted at all times.

To adjust the blade, turn the clipper on (always do this first!), mount the blade and observe if the comb part has ANY movement. Even EVER SO SLIGHT. It should be ABSOLUTELY still. If there is movement, remove the blade and turn it over. Use VERY GOOD pliers and gently squeeze the 'ears' together. Repeat until all movement is gone. If you have closed the ears too much, they won’t mount. This can be remedied by forcing the ears over the hinge. While the clipper is running, place the back of the comb to the heel of your left hand and using your right hand, press hard enough with the clippers to force the blade into its proper place.

WARNING! The ears are breakable. Too much squeezing will cause an ear to fall off. That is why I said use a VERY GOOD pair of pliers.

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