Shampoo Specialism

Selecting a shampoo can be confusing as there are a wide range of options in every price range. Probably the most sensible place to start is right where you are and ask a rather straightforward question.

What do I want achieve that my current choice is not giving me?

It's perfectly fine to want to change, however, it will make any change much easier if you can define what you are looking for. Now this will depend greatly on the type of work and range of animals you groom. In general salons will normally apply one of the following inclusive strategies:-

One general purpose shampoo for every animal.

One general purpose shampoo and some more specialist shampoos for jobs such as puppies, deep cleaning or sensitive skin.

A range of shampoo with each animal assessed and the most appropriate shampoo selected, possibly including a colour specific shampoo.

As well as, sometimes instead of, these inclusive (in the price) strategies, some also employ a menu selection of add on choices that the customer can select from in order to add value to the groom. Add ons can include things such as, specialist shampoos, specific fragrances, spa type facial products or a cologne spray.

A menu like this really does allow you to balance the groom to the customer as they have the choice to customize the groom, including price, to suit themselves. It also allows you to identify what it is your own customers find value in, which can be used to promote your business's services and stand out from your competitors.

Now you have defined what you want from your shampoo and your strategy you can begin selecting. Technogroom have a wide selection of shampoos and can help you match your shampoo needs to our range, our range of shampoo can be browsed by visiting

Or give us a call on 01555771555 to discuss your requirements.