Blade Tune-up Kits

TUNE-UP KITS for your blades can solve the rattling problems many experience from changing clipper brands or from bent socket ears. The tune-up kit consists of all the parts on your blade except the cutter and comb. This kit is designed to restore your blade to good working order or if you have changed clipper brands, although some sharpening services are now offering this as a service for those who are not confident to do it themselves.

Fitting Instructions:

Remove the old blade parts by unscrewing the two screws on the blade. Remove the old parts, taking a note of how they were positioned. Rebuild the blade-set with the new parts, do not fully tighten the screws, slide the cutter into position and align the cutter teeth around 2-3 mm below the comb teeth and position it completely straight, then tighten the screws. If you have problems with screws slackening on your blades, a light thread lock can be used to alleviate this. Fingernail hardener is ideal for this purpose. Depending on the blade brand it may be necessary to adjust the blade tension, tight blades are the main cause of blade heat, and slack blades will snag.