Animal Grooming Clippers

Clipper Buying Guide

You are probably reading this because you are considering buying a new clipper or trimmer, if so, you have come to the right place.

From Beginners to Professionals

The first thing to consider is, are you competent enough at the moment to do the grooming yourself? Particularly for beginners, or those wishing to improve their grooming skills, we would always recommend having professional tuition from a suitably qualified training centre, such as Scotgroom Training. Remember that your local groomer may not necessarily provide the best quality training or equipment advice.

Here at Technogroom, we have decades of experience in all aspects of grooming, as well as electrical/mechanical engineering and appliance maintenance. In the past we have been involved with the clipper manufacturing process and design. Through this we have gained considerable knowledge about what makes some clippers work better than others and what to look out for in a clipper.

Regular or Occasional Grooming?

The next thing to consider is what you will be doing with the clipper. Using it professionally? Occasional grooming of show dogs; or to clip your own dog once a month or so? Price is a reasonable judge for quality. If you are a professional, you require speed, power and durability. However, if you are grooming your own dog, then a less expensive machine is probably adequate. Servicing is also important and we would advise professional groomers to have clippers serviced at least every six months, depending on the level of use.
Trimmers or Clippers?

Many manufacturers promote the use of trimmers for full body clipping. This, we feel, is very misleading and recommend trimmers are best for light work only, such as poodle face, feet and tail; sanitary work, tipping ears etc.
Clippers with Snap-on Blades

The A5 "snap-on" blade system, used on most professional machines, is considered to be the industry standard. There are many makes of these (of varying quality) which every manufacturer states will fit every brand which takes this blade system. The problem is that manufacturers tend to have slightly different sized hinges on their clippers (to avoid patent violation) which is why, when you take a blade which has been used on one make of clipper and try it on another, it can be difficult to initially fit, or rattle when used. This is relatively easy to correct, if you know what you are doing.

With this information in mind, other important considerations include:

    Noise level
    Comfort and balance
    Slower clippers heat the blade less
    Faster clippers heat blades quicker
    Position of power switch
    Corded or cordless
    Can you, or someone you know, perform basic maintenance?
    Is there a Service Centre for this make/model?
    Are parts readily available?
    Does the clipper come with a good warranty?
    Does the distributor have their own Service Department
    or is this subcontracted – which may cause problems and delays
    Blade Price

Technogroom can offer all groomers, whether you are a beginner or a professional, the technical and practical advice to help choose the clipper system that's best for you. Our experience and reputation for doing so is unsurpassed.