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Best Shot Ultra Max Pro Clarifying Shampoo: 4.16L

Best Shot Ultra Max Pro Clarifying Shampoo: 4.16L
Best Shot

Best Shot Ultra Max Pro Clarifying Shampoo: 4.16L

Best Shot Ultramax Pro Clarifying Shampoo from Best Shot is safely removes build ups from styling products or environmental deposits. This shampoo is designed to bring the coat back to its standard condition and is recommended for show dogs such as the Poodle or Bichon Frise that demand a lot of primping and holding product which build up and require a thorough wash to remove.
  • Best Shot Ultramax Pro Clarifying Shampoo will remove these build ups and is also effective at removing hard water mineral deposit salts, chlorine and mildew.
  • In the grooming salon this shampoo will deep clean contaminants from the coat.
  • For show dogs this will prepare the coat ready for show finishing. Great for terriers and coarse coats requiring a natural texture.
  • Pet dogs that enjoy swimming in seawater or in chlorinated water will benefit from the removal of mineral salts and chlorine from contaminating the coat. 
This is one in a range of products from Best Shot Pet Products International who is a leading manufacturer of natural grooming products for horses, dogs and cats.  
Best Shot Ultramax is targeted specifically to serious professionals demanding results, not promises.
Each product is engineered to tackle the toughest challenges with ease and guaranteed results!
  • Safely removes build-up from waxes, oils, resins, conditioners, hairsprays and gels.
  • Rids hard water mineral deposits salts, chlorine and mildew.
  • Recommended for Show Dog coats such as Poodle and Bichon Frise demanding a lot of primping & holding product which build-up, requiring a thorough washing.
  • Great for Terriers and Coarse coats requiring natural texture.

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