Aeolus TD-905 Pro Wall Mount Dog Dryer White

Aeolus TD-905 Pro Wall Mount Dog Dryer White

Aeolus TD-905 Pro Wall Mount Dog Dryer White

For an established groomer a separate finishing dryer is recommended over a combination blaster dryer. These are designed for long periods of continuous use, rather than short blasts that blasters are designed for. This is mainly achieved by using brushless, rather than the carbon brushed motors found in blaster dryers. These are more expensive, however, maintenence costs are normally much reduced. Ideally, drying would consist of a blaster to quickly remove most of the water from a newly bathed dog, followed by a longer period of finish drying/styling.

The wall mount finishing dryer is also a space saver, allowing you to use the floorspace underneath the dryer.


The worlds first finishing dog dryer with Ionic Technology.

Helps improve hair condition, eliminating static build-up whilst aiding absorption

of essential moisture for a healthy, shiny more manageable coat.

No static, no split ends and a coat with much more body to it.

Electronic controlled DC motor Whisper quiet operation Detachable direction

styling nozzle Variable air speed -74-114CFM Variable air temperature-70c max.

Adjustable Wall mount Energy efficient-1800W TPO

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