Aeolus Nebula 1800w Blaster Dryer

Aeolus Nebula 1800w Blaster Dryer

Aeolus Nebula 1800w Blaster Dryer

The new Aeolus Nebula Blaster Dryer is a powerful single motor dryer.

The Nebula is part of the next-generation blaster dryers from Aeolus and offers many unique features, and is probably one of the most advanced in the market.

The dryer features new heat retention sleeves, which keep the hose cool to touch. The dryer also features ultra-low temperature nozzles that have a double-layer suction structure. When the wind speed in the inner duct is higher, and the air volume is greater, the outer duct can accelerate the suction. The cooling effect is proportional to the inner wind flow, allowing the surface of the nozzle to be cooled by air without a significant temperature rise, with typical nozzle temperatures being around 50% of those of most other blasters.

Wind speed and temperature are adjustable with a step-less control and LED Display. Set the heat and wind speed to your requirements; particularly, high temperature and low speed are essential for pre-treatment of curly-coated dogs like the Poodle or Bichon. The heat function of the element is also has a built-in overheating protection switch to ensure safety.

This dryer feature many lifespan-improving features. The motor uses a "soft start" mode to provide a longer service life. Both the filters and the housing are easy to clean. Double filtration reduces noise and the number of impurities drawn into the motor.

The Plastic injection moulding body is light and ensures zero wind leakage. The zero-leakage body also reduces the noise of the dryer. The noise of the whole machine is controlled to less than 80 decibels during working, which significantly improves the working environment of the groomer.

- Powerful 1800W
- Heat Retention Hose Sleeve
- Low-Temperature Nozzles
- Adjustable Air and Heat Settings with LED
- Lifespan-improving features
- <80dB


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