Aeolus Absorption Towel


Aeolus Absorption Towel

The Aeolus DT-65 High Capacity Dog Grooming Towel is a great chamois-style cloth for quickly removing excess water from bathed dogs or other situations where excess water needs to be removed from animals quickly.

This towel is designed to remove more water than a normal terry towel or microfibre towel and is easily wrung out and ready for re-use.

In the grooming salon, drying times can be cut down, especially when the towel is used to remove the bulk of water from the coat, followed by a short blaster session to remove the remainder and remove loose hair and some of the knots. This may also be good in boarding kennels, where dogs are bathed prior to going home.

For show preparation, the same method should help to cut down on preparation time and may be ideal where dogs are being bathed away from home, and the use of a blaster is not possible., such as when staying in a hotel.

For the pet owner, the same bathing time reductions would also be useful; however, additional uses, such as where animals have been swimming out in wet weather and need to be dried, whether for travelling or before returning home, make this an invaluable tool.

- High absorbency

- 60cm x 48cm

- Quickly removes excess water

- Can be wrung out ready for re-use

- Comes in a range of colours

- Supplied in a plastic case for storage

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